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From acclaimed author Branka Cubrilo Fiume – The Lost River The Mosaic of the Broken Soul "Elegant and penetrative." —Penelope Plunket "Highly recommended." —Apex Reviews eBook & Print versions available Buy Online Now The Mosaic of the Broken Soul Fiume – The Lost River
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The Survivalist Saga Continues By Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern & Bob Anderson John Thomas Rourke's world is now Roughly one-third of what it was... eBook, Paperback & Audio Versions Available Buy Online Now The Inheritors of Earth The Inheritors of Earth
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Author Spotlight

Rodman Philbrick

The most striking, gritty arrival of a handicapped sleuth since the appearance of Jack Livingston's deaf private-eye in A Piece of Silence.

Kirkus Reviews on Shadow Kills

Shadow Kills

Listen, Jack Hawkins, and listen well... Mystery writer Jack Hawkins thinks it's just an oddbail prank caller reciting a quote from one of his detective novels. It is actually the beginning of a nightmare. You have just committed murder. You have killed to come alive. +More J.D. Hawkins Mysteries


INTELLIGENCE OF THE DOLPHIN, HUNGER OF THE SHARK: ISURUS MAXIMUS. Genetically-engineered sharks designed to have the intelligence of a dolphin. Twenty feet long. Two thousand pounds of cartilage and teeth and muscle, bigger and meaner than any great white. +More Books by Rodman Philbrick

The Crystal Blue Persuasion

The Rosario, a Spanish galleon loaded with gold, sank four centuries ago off the Florida Keys. Now a, smooth-as-silk-tongued treasure hunter named Harper King said he had the key to finding that fortune, with a lot of other people's money. And it was up to T.D. Stash to put on his sleuthing cap, climb into diving gear, and plunge into the depths. +More T.D. Stash Mysteries

The Neon Flamingo

T.D. Stash thought he had seen everything in anything-goes Key West. But the laid-back fishing guide, sometimes private eye, was wrong. And unless he got to the bottom of drugs, deceit, greed and sex, he would wind up dead... +More T.D. Stash Mysteries

July 2014 Releases

Coyote Run

On one side stood the legendary Chief of Scouts, Chris Colt, with his hair-trigger-tempered half-brother, Joshua, and the proud young Indian brave, Man Killer. A rousing historical novel of the bold American Hero in untamed Colorado High Country.

The Kiwi Target

Sent to New Zealand by his company to avert a hostile takeover, Peter Ferguson stumbles upon love, murder and laundered money.

The Widowmaker

It was hot on the trail to Luna Creek, but it got even hotter when Gunn met sultry Serena Paxton. The lady cattle rancher was out to avenge her father's death at the hands of the Widowmakers, a brutal gang that was slaughtering the valley's male settlers, then stealing their widows' valuable land out from under them.

The Wild Weasels

Every pilot knew the NVA was building radar-guided SAM missile sites, but Washington prohibited any strikes until the death rockets were up and blowing American fliers to pieces.

June 2014 Releases

Firecracker Kill

"Firecracker Kill," a Fourth of July serial-killer noir that pairs a cop and a mob enforcer as heroes. An exciting new ebook from the master of suspense fiction, Max Allan Collins.

A Killing in the Market

A successful Wall Street speculator is turning his custom-built car into the private drive of his vast Long Island estate when a bomb blasts him and the vehicle to bits.

Silent Pace

A beautiful female psychiatrist is abducted by a top notch hit man who can't sleep. She is in an inescapable situation and is given three choices: cure his sleep phobia and die, refuse to help him and die or outsmart him and still probably die.

The Alias Man

The women in his life call him the Alias Man. From Santa Fe to Pennsylvania, from Vancouver to San Francisco, he has seduced and charmed, stolen and disappeared, leaving unbearable hurt in his wake.



Nameless is called in by his friend, police lieutenant Eberhardt, when a dead woman's purse contains Nameless's business card. Nameless has never met her, and cannot make a connection. Next, Nameless is hired to track and protect a disturbed man, Martin Talbot, who may be harmed by the husband of a woman who died when Talbot's car collided with theirs after Talbot fell asleep at the wheel. But despite keeping a close tail, things go horribly wrong.

Chopper Pilot

From the thundering B-52 bombing raids on Hanoi to inserting search-and-destroys in the jungle, from wielding a death-spewing Spooky to taking out SAM missile sights in the North, the skies above Vietnam were a hell of deadly million-dollar machinery, split-second decisions, and death-lock engagements with the enemy. Now nineteen-year-old David Anderson is a raw pilot in an Assault Helicopter Company, slamming straight into the strength of the VC.


In the deadly world of modern warfare, the art of combat is taken to its awesome limits. Only one fighting unit has the skill and ruthlessness to handle all this killing power, making every corner of the globe its field of fire; using with chilling efficiency every method of infiltration, demolition, deception and destruction this side of Hell. They're Navy. Those who know about them speak in awed whispers of the men they call the SEALS


Secret Service agent John Quincannon has found little joy in his life since the day his stray bullet killed an innocent young woman and her unborn child. Still in mourning a year later, Quincannon seeks his solace at the bottom of a jug of sour mash. But he'll have to buck up—and sober up—for his next mission: The Service needs him to bring down a major counterfeiting ring responsible for the death of one of his colleagues. And staying sober won't be easy when there's a young lady in town who's a dead ringer for his late victim...

SV Original Publications

The Inheritors of Earth

John Thomas Rourke's world is now roughly one-third of what it was; everything above latitude 35° north and below latitude 35° south is encased in glacial ice. The geography drastically changed but little else did. Maniacs and evil had still tried to dominate those who wanted to be free.

Ageless Arm

Fueled by a passion for baseball at an early age, Rod engaged in a lifetime journey that took him from a right-handed toddler to a left-handed pitcher at the age of two. He progressed from the Little League fields in Santa Fe, New Mexico to a professional minor league career that covered three countries.

Dead Man's Fire

A fun-filled romp of action and wit, The Marc Huntington Adventures chronicle the exploits of adventurers Marc and Dana Huntington as they race from one deadly situation to another in search of missing persons, stolen prizes, and maybe even financial gain. That is, if they survive the day.


Zoe Crane puts her hand on a magic crystal ball. After a strange, star-tossed dream she wakes on a different planet. This is a parallel world on the other end of the universe, full of cars with running boards and gangsters wearing pin striped suits. Here she meets Joshua Kendal district attorney; handsome, intelligent, and rich.

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